food plot design

Food Plot Layout and Design

plot design

Food Plot Layout and Design is crucial when it comes to maximizing the amount of Edge Habitat on your property. Different shapes and arrangement schemes serve varying purposes. A well-managed parcel of land will have supplemental food sources structured in such a way that both the animals and the hunters which pursue them are able to get the most out of the sweat, blood, money, and nutritious forage types that flow into and out of food plots.

The shape of a plot is important for many reasons, perhaps the most important of which is the fact that long, narrow designs significantly increase the perimeter or edge. When you increase the Edge, animals feel safer when stopping to feed on their way to sanctuary plots farther away from the bedding area. A long, slender food source allows animals to forage right on the Edge of their safe zone where they can easily dart back into cover if alarmed. These designs produce more activity during daylight hours, making your management goals more attainable by allowing you to conduct "on the hoof" census reports or counts of wildlife while at the same time providing perfect opportunity to meet your harvest quota.

The L-Shape, V-Shape, and Half-Hub Models are perfect harvest plot layouts and will no doubt increase your success in the woods, ultimately aiding in your quest to be the Wolf of your Woods! Stay tuned to our blog and website for updates regarding food plot layout, design and structuring.

plot design

plot design
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